Meet nick welden

18 years of Law Enforcement Experience...

Nicholas "Nick" Welden was born in 1980 and is the son of Leon and Sandra Welden of Sylvania, AL.  Nick and his wife Audra (Bobo) Welden are the proud parents of three children.  Their oldest child and only son, Cody, is 14 years old.  Daughter Khloe, who is 8 years old and a special needs child,  was born with a rare genetic condition called Angelman Syndrome.  Winter Skye is the newest addition to the Welden Family and will soon celebrate her first birthday on June 5th of 2018.  Nick and Audra live in the Portersville Community where they raise cattle on their family farm. 

A DeKalb County native and a life-long Republican, Nick had a boyhood dream of one day becoming Sheriff of DeKalb County.  Nick has never lost sight of his dream. In fact, he has been working towards that goal for the past eighteen years. 

 Currently serving as Police Chief of the Town of Valley Head since December 2016, Nick has nearly two decades of service in law enforcement.  In the year 2001, Nick was hired by the Alabama Department of Public Safety.  

As a State Trooper, he worked across eight different counties throughout his career.  During that time he was fortunate enough to see how different counties utilized resources.  In 2012, he went to work for the Alabama Department of Conservation as a Conservation Enforcement Officer. Nick also worked for the DeKalb County Sheriff's Office on a part-time basis as a Deputy Sheriff where he gained much insight into the workings of the Sheriff's Department.

In 2017, Nick was appointed President of the DeKalb County Chief's of Police Association where he served until March of 2018. 

Nick is a devout Christian and proud to be called a follower of Christ.  

Nick will continue to seek favor in God’s eyes and seek His guidance in all that he does.